Group Interest in Decision Making: Yes We Can!?

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Fang Shengjin boarded his vehicle, and it trembled a bit. Pancakes It's not shabby looking at all, which is what should make it all the more strange and warning. Learn more about Amazon Prime. But I know when we watched the debate at that time, there were emotions that blocked people's ability to get this man's intellect and capacity. And the way that it came across to some people on that day — because I know people that wanted to vote in your direction and didn't, and I was upset.

But there was emotion there. Do you know what I'm talking about? So, emotion is it. And if we get the right emotion, we can get ourselves to do anything. If you're creative, playful, fun enough, can you get through to anybody, yes or no? If you don't have the money, but you're creative and determined, you find the way. This is the ultimate resource. But this is not the story that people tell us. They tell us a bunch of different stories. They tell us we don't have the resources, but ultimately, if you take a look here, they say, what are all the reasons they haven't accomplished that?

He's broken my pattern, that son-of-a-bitch. What determines your resources?

We've said decisions shape destiny, which is my focus here. If decisions shape destiny, what determines it is three decisions. What will you focus on? You have to decide what you're going to focus on. Is this the end or the beginning? Is God punishing me or rewarding me, or is this the roll of the dice?

An emotion creates what we're going to do, or the action. So, think about your own life, the decisions that have shaped your destiny. And that sounds really heavy, but in the last five or 10 years, have there been some decisions that if you'd made a different decision, your life would be completely different? How many can think about it? So the bottom line is, maybe it was where to go to work, and you met the love of your life there, a career decision. I know the Google geniuses I saw here — I mean, I understand that their decision was to sell their technology.

What if they made that decision versus to build their own culture? How would the world or their lives be different, their impact? The history of our world is these decisions.

Making better decisions in groups

When a woman stands up and says, "No, I won't go to the back of the bus. That decision shaped our culture.

Group Interest in Decision Making: Yes We Can!?

Or someone standing in front of a tank. Or being in a position like Lance Armstrong, "You've got testicular cancer. You've got it in your brain; you've got it in your lungs. But what was his decision of what to focus on? Different than most people. What did it mean? It wasn't the end; it was the beginning. He goes off and wins seven championships he never once won before the cancer, because he got emotional fitness, psychological strength.

That's the difference in human beings that I've seen of the three million I've been around. In my lab, I've had three million people from 80 countries over the last 29 years. And after a while, patterns become obvious. You see that South America and Africa may be connected in a certain way, right? Others say, "Oh, that sounds ridiculous.

So, what shaped Lance?

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We all have had times, you did something, and after, you thought to yourself, "I can't believe I said or did that, that was so stupid. Your model of the world is the filter. That's what's shaping us. It makes people make decisions. To influence somebody, we need to know what already influences them. It's made up of three parts.

First, what's your target? What are you after? It's not your desires. You can get your desires or goals. Who has ever got a goal or desire and thought, is this all there is? It's needs we have. I believe there are six human needs.

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Second, once you know what the target that's driving you is and you uncover it for the truth — you don't form it — then you find out what's your map, what's the belief systems that tell you how to get those needs. Some people think the way to get them is to destroy the world, some people, to build, create something, love someone.

There's the fuel you pick. So very quickly, six needs. Let me tell you what they are. These are not goals or desires, these are universal. Everyone needs certainty they can avoid pain and at least be comfortable.