Dark Justice: A Supernatural Thriller

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Absolutely love the history and images that she always puts at the end of her stories so you can research the information yourself.

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Highly recommend. Feb 13, dennis barron rated it it was amazing. Penn A short novella. Lara, an archeologist is diving off the coast of Alexandria. Once Egypt's major bustling port. A lost city has been discovered, the dark queen of Egyptian legend lies buried there. One last dive, she has to find her! She does!

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She begins to clean the debris from her statue, and suddenly the dark queen becomes Lara! Lara is now the dark queen, living but trapped in the statue. For eternity? A superbly written fantasy! Enjoyed tremendously! Hoping for a se The Dark Queen. Hoping for a sequel! Feb 12, David Taylor rated it it was amazing. While this is a short story, it grabbed my interest from the start and held it until the last line. I wish this were a part of a full-length book because there are so many parts to this story I would love to know.

If you aren't familiar with Joanna Penn's work this would make an excellent introduction. I received a review copy from the author and chose to provide a review.


Feb 16, Paul Gray rated it it was amazing. Straight from the first couple of lines the characters come to life and you feel like you not only know them but are on the boat with them. This is a very interesting short story. It would be great if this storyline was expanded in the future. Great short read that leaves you wanting more. Feb 13, Michael Mardel rated it really liked it. The dark queen by Penn.

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  • Pathos galore, just not enough. You know something is going to happen and it's not going to be good. Penn's experience as a scuba diver comes through as she takes Lara into the depths and beyond. Feb 15, Sue Peek rated it it was amazing. Genre s : Mystery , Paranormal , Young Adult.

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      Skip to content Free download. The Watcher also helps souls seeking retribution, vengeance for the misdeeds of evildoers.

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      The Watcher leads a mysterious gothic girl to reveal the fragmented clues Freesia needs to unravel the disappearance of her mother. Several characters within the novel have post-traumatic stress disorder, and the author sympathetically showcases the suffering of these men, haunted by images no one should see. Just as Tamara fought for the PTSD soldiers that she counseled, Freesia fights to bring her sister back in order to unlock the secrets buried within her.

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